Vitrine de l'atelier de l'étoile


ATELIERS DE L’ETOILE, more than 20 years of artistic creation

The Ateliers de l'Etoile born in October 2001 from an intuition of Laurence de Marliave, after the attacks in New York where "in a world that bursts, it is necessary that everyone can try to find his center, his balance and his peace interior ".

The practice of art, a medium of universal expression, allows everyone to find a well being, a healing, and a rebalancing as a kind of meditation; the time is suspended, we are no longer in the Chronos but in a rhythm peculiar to each and as a pupil says "the mind empties and lightenes".

For almost 17 years the workshop has welcomed 70 to 90 apprentice artists per year, children and adults, and in addition to the well being there is of course learning various techniques and the goal is that everyone can become autonomous and find your own writing while having solid foundations. It is a real pleasure to see inert material take shape and organize itself as a real alchemy to create a painting or a work that will also be an object of instant mediation between all of them.

Working together in small numbers at the workshop creates a dynamic interaction that allows everyone to develop their creativity. But also to weave the link. links strengthened by the many courses "painting on the ground" that were organized in France and abroad so we were 5 years in a row in Lourmarin in the Lubéron, but also at the villa Ephrussi de Rothschild, on the coast of azure, 3 times in India, Radjashtan and Tamil Nadu, in Italy, Florence, Venice.

We now have artistic partnerships (star-nomad workshops) with many professional painters from around the world whom we have met personally and from friends of the workshop: Rome, Florence, Salisbury, Brussels, St. Petersburg, Seoul, Pondicherry , and lately Isfahan and Teheran.

During these years the workshop became the "plural" workshops, because the idea was to propose in this place various artistic approaches, with different teachers, all professionals and graduates of art schools. Alongside the painting there was the restoration of works of art, art history, portraiture, drawing, cartoon, and even music with the Allegria school which shared our premises during 4 years, with beautiful animations around 5 senses (music and delicacies).

Located close to the Arc de Triomphe, open to all those ages 7 to 77 who want to learn to draw and paint, model or enamel or deepen their technique and creativity in a friendly and flexible atmosphere.
A didactic and technical education addresses the main points of the plastic expression (space, color, value, material, movement, composition) of the exercises are proposed in this spirit each week with various techniques. Courses are "à la carte", this exceptional flexibility in a Parisian workshop allows everyone to organize as he wants and manage his schedule.

Some testimonials

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"Evasion out of time, freedom to paint, find your own expression, freedom of subjects and models, under the enlightened lighting and the accompaniment in flexibility: soft learning, without constraints of pointed techniques, of subtlety of the supports and materials, mastery of colors and palette."
"I discover the atelier de l’étoile. Fate has led me spontaneously and it is a real joy for this first course which reveals another artistic dimension more structured and expert. The atmosphere is very peaceful atmosphere "artist painter" where everyone expresses his creativity under the eye and expert guidance of Laurence who leads the courses with brio, professionalism and passion. Excellent !! "
"Very good atmosphere at the atelier de l’étoile, Laurence advises us, helps us with great kindness and knowledge."
"In this workshop the magic operates and we feel creative and talented, everything is possible because Laurence trust us completely, her explanations are always told with poetry."
"To give the desire to paint, the desire to mix all these colors, the desire to create, the desire to excel, it is to you that I owe it and I thank you very much. "
"Here I find interest, ideas, pleasure, novelty, friendship."

These testimonies are excerpts from messages addressed directly to the Ateliers.
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