Dessin : Lionceau

Drawing, watercolor

Drawing and watercolor course

"Drawing is the probite of art" (Ingres)

  • BUILD a drawing, structure it, give it an architecture, a skeleton. Every drawing is based on a simple starting structure.
  • UNDERSTAND how and why a drawing comes to life. Above all, it is important to observe how the great masters of art history have grasped life and their environment, with what tools and energy.
  • ANALYZE. The analytical drawing is approached during certain sessions in order to learn how to dissect an object in all its forms and translate it into space. The perspective is also studied to "install" objects in space.
  • EXPRESS one's personality, work a personal writing. Drawing is not a faithful representation of reality but of a reality that is grasped and caught in the course of the movement of life. For this expression to be alive, working with many different tools is essential.
  • STUDY line, proportions, scale, values, framing, formats, composition, vision in space, geometry, perspective, techniques of expression, gestures.
  • OBSERVE the works of great artists in order to broaden knowledge, awaken sensitivity and shape the eye.

"Make lines ... many lines, either from memory or from nature." Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres

Classes taught by Laurence de Marliave


980 €/20 lessons
ie 20 € per hour