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Regularly, internships are suggested at the « Ateliers de l’Etoile » on various themes. Its allows people to learn more about a specific technique, a theme, or work in an artistic atmosphere. These internships take place during week-ends or school holidays.
Since this year, a master class is organized to help students pass the art test for the baccalaureate or pass the Art schools' entrance examination.

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Learn how to travel with a pencil or a brush! Since 16 years, The Ateliers de l'Etoile offers study trips and abroad internships:
India → Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu
Italia → Florence, Venice, bologna
France, Provence côte d’Azur → villa Ephrussi de Rodschsild , Lourmarin , Alpilles
Asia → Vietnam, Cambodia

The “Ateliers de l’Etoile” have shared their interest with passionate people and artists from all around the world. This year two destinations are available:

South india: Pondicherry and Tamil Nadu, the goal here is to meet other watercolor artists and discover temples with an art historian, and come back in France with sketches which are sources of inspiration.

Thaïlande: Bangkok and Angkor, this trip is based on sculpting, we will discover Lart Kmer & Thaï, visit foundry and sculptors’ workshops, temples and drawing or painting exotic places.

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One sunday per month at 5pm, The Ateliers de L'Etoile organize a conference about the Art History. Our experts will show you some movies and pictures in order to give a realistic point of you of the Art Heritage.
These conferences are for children & adults (depending on the theme)
Entrance price: 20€

Complete schedule available on september 2017

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