Portrait & watercolor

Portrait & Watercolor


Lessons are given to small groups with live model and rigorous observation of the model. The live model allows to have a direct view on his specifications  and not the servile reproduction of a photo.
The « Ateliers de l’Etoile » exclusively proposed the famous side size technique, devising by Leonard de Vinci and reconditioning by John Singer Sargent. Unfortunately, this technique is often forgotten in France. But yet, it is a quick and efficient method with measurement points.
Classes are given by Valérie Tertrais, professional portraitist.


Watercolor, a water specific technique, allows to give an unique effect of transparency and lights. It’s about controlling water and its evaporation time. A special class of watercolor is teached at the “Ateliers de l’étoile” because the control of watercolor needs the right side brain and its free thinking. Many techniques of watercolor exist: dried, wet, watercolor gouache. Knowledge of paper and brush and inks are tackled during the course. All these techniques allow people to find their own art and way of expression...