Modeling and ceramic course

This training aims to bring his students to make their own works of art themselves, to find the contact with noble materials such as clay. The progression of the courses throughout the year gives the technical means to master the material and infuse the pleasure of creating a form from a simple idea.
Unique and personalized pedagogy revolves around small numbers. She guides her students step by step to create their pieces while keeping their singularity.
Tools, supplies and raw materials are provided on site. A professional ceramist oven for baking and enamelling in the workshop has been available since this year.

Classes taught by Patricia Byrs-Lasquier


THURSDAY, 14H30/17H30

SATURDAY, 14H30/17H30
Every two weeks,
ask for dates

Contact Patricia directly


tel-ateliers-de-l-etoile +33 6 12 43 91 78