Fresco and decorations

Practical workshop "a secco"

Work on portable support (35x35) on 2 sessions of 1 ½ hours

Laying the "arriccio" coating (2 sands + 1 lime) on the grid support. Mason trowel tools.
Preparation of the drawing on paper sheet 90g.
Laying whitewash (lime + casein) on the plaster, 2 to 3 layers. Spalter brush n ° 5.
Report of the drawing on watercolor sheet 160g, watercolor painting with pigments + casein.
Report watercolor drawing on layer then dry coating. Preparation of pigments with casein.
Painting on dry plaster. Bristle hair round and flat in marten and beauf n ° 0 to 10.

Practical workshop "a fresco"

Work on brick (20x40)

Laying of the "Intonaco" plaster (1 sand + 1 lime) on wet brick.
Transfer the layer on the wet plaster or paint directly laid.
Grinding pigments on glass plate and spatula (painter's knife).
Paint without binder because carbonation technique.

Classes taught by Lilia Beguier

Three 6-hour courses
Saturday and Sunday
from 14H30 to 17H30

November 17 and 18, 2018
1st and 2nd of December 2018

260 € the internship
(material provided)