About us

About the Ateliers de L'Etoile

Located next to the Arch of Triumph, our workshops are opened to everyone: from 4 years old to 104! Everyone who wants to learn how to draw and to paint, or deepen their techniques and their creativity in a friendly and flexible atmosphere are welcome.

The workshops were created in 2001 by Laurence de Marliave, a painter, printmaker, graduated from the Beaux-Arts of Paris and  the Met of Penninghen’s classes. The educational team proposed a lot of art activities. Our lessons are based on two main axes:

• A teaching and technical education tackles the main points of plastic expression (space, color, value, material, movement, composition). With that in mind, exercices are proposed every weeks with different techniques.
• A personalized follow-up based on creativity allows  everyone to find his own way to express himself.